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03 March 2013 on by Matt McBride

Your site’s data holds the secrets vital to the success of your business. Our experts can show you how to use your data to discover the truths that will help you realize your business goals, capture valuable traffic and improve your conversion rates. Our Basic Set-up is included in every website and eCommerce platform we develop.

Setting up Google Analytics.

Google Analytics provides statistics about your site’s usage based on four criteria: Audience, Traffic Sources, Content and Conversions. Goals can be established to inform you when a user completes a desired action like a sale or downloading a PDF and funnels created to track the steps taken in completing that goal. When Google Analytics is installed and set-up correctly on your site and any marketing initiatives that your are running, you’ll have a data trove of information to mine.

Finding Actionable Data in Your Reports.

There are so many capabilities and functions within Google Analytics that it is often difficult to understand where to find the data you need. We can provide the training needed to efficiently determine the most effective way to spend your time mining and interpreting your data. Then you’ll be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your site content, sales funnels, and in your overall conversion rates. If you do not have the time or resources to interpret your reports and identify actionable data, we can provide the data analysis for you and recommended changes and tweaks that will improve your website and help you achieve your business goals.


Google Analytics Consulting Services.

Google Analytics Set-up: $150 (Free with Website or eCommerce Platform)

  • Google Analytics Tracking Code Installation
  • Clean up reported URLs
  • Setting Custom Goals and Sales Funnels
  • Enabling eCommerce Tracking (if applicable)

Data Analysis and Training: $150 per Hour

    Learn how to identify data related to your business goals so they can be monitored, tested and optimized

Customized Reporting: $50 per Report

    We create monthly emailed reports to help you monitor specific data points and show you how to interpret them in relation to your goals and objectives


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