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03 March 2013 on by Matt McBride

Creative Design is the creative process that combines art and technology to help communicate ideas. It gives form and function to text and images for all sorts of communications, from corporate identity and magazines to websites and posters – translating complex information into easily understood and recognizable visual messages. The steps we follow are always the same. No matter what the project or who the client is.

Step 1: Discovery

Discovery is the first and most important step in the creative process. Every business has goals that they want to achieve and is faced with certain obstacles that they need to overcome . The more we know about your business and your goals, the better we can position your brand communicate your vision to your audience. The discovery phase in the process is where information is gather and the concepts start to flow.

Step 2: Design

The is the step where concepts start to formulate into idea. They start to become visual and have substance and meaning. Sketches are draw. Thrown out and drawn again. Finally everything comes into focus and the messaging becomes clear and concise.

Step 3: Delivery

Delivery isn’t just the step where the project is done on-time and on-budget. It’s also the step where it’s done correctly and well. All the T’s are across and the I’s dotted. This is final step in making sure that the project we deliver fulfills the needs of our clients and is the best possible product that we can produce.

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